Not many people know this but POTATOES HAVE FEELINGS TOO. It's bad enough they have to be fried in smoking hot oil but then people want to take away the last bit of dignity they have (a hard, crispy exterior) by dousing them in soaking wet vinegar and creating a miserable, floppy chip. 

We're here to stop the flop and give you that vinegar fix without the floppy chips. We want you to relish in that sensational, sultry, sourness whilst keeping the integrity of your hard earned crispy chips. 

Legend has it that some people actually enjoy floppy chips. It's also true that some people like brown sauce in their bacon sandwich instead of ketchup (bloody heathens). The truth is, you're always going to find people who enjoy the worse things in life.


If you care about potatoes and want them to go down as proud, strong, hard champions then we invite you to join us on the chip experience of a lifetime and stop the flop for good.


Salt & Vinegar

Chippy Salt (40g)


Unbelievably tasty salt & vinegar

seasoning. Get that tasty vinegar

fix without the floppy chops.

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